Fortunately I had one lucky marketing surprise and found that it doesn’t matter what you genre you call a novel but if readers get a taste of something they like they will read it.  Let me explain.  As a fledgling author, I made Flores Girl: The Children God Forgot free as an eBook to get an audience and the twists and turns I have seen with my own pitifully small self-publishing efforts is amazing. One of my big surprises was with my Flores Girl on Wattpad. Wattpad makes eBooks available for downloading and reading on smartphones and frankly, I never figured so many people read novels on their phones. And fortunate for me they like Flores Girl: The Children God Forgot (check it out at

To me, the tiny size of an iPhone or Blackberry screen made that exercise impractical at least to my particular mode of outdated fossil thinking. I mean who wants to read War and Peace on a BB?  On the other hand, as a former commuter, I realize that now it makes a lot of sense especially if you are blessed with a younger set of eyes. With your Smartphone you can escape to a world of music and prose away from the other human cattle you are sharing a ride with. And if you don’t like the book, you just download another.

eBooks will happen and like other authors I will have to figure out a way to monetize my writing efforts in the near future. But you know Amazon did not buy Stanza just because they had cash in their pockets.  Nobody knows how this is going to turn out but you can either get in front of the wave or drown in the resultant flood! I’ll swim, thank you!

Flores Girl:The Children God Forgot is now available as a free ebook novel on the iPhone or if you are interested here is the link to Flores Girl on WattPad:

On your smart phone just sign up at Wattpad ( to install the free app and add Wattcode 125445! There have been over 2 million downloads of Wattpad to date and over three thousand for Flores Girl.

Sarah hears strange voices

Flores Girl: The Children God Forgot is now a Featured Work on Flores Girl is a prehistoric adventure novel that is available for free on Wattpad, the World’s Most Popular EBook Sharing Community. Wattpad delivers free eBook novels to your iPhone, BlackBerry, SmartPhones and other mobile devices. Join the thousands of readers that are following the adventures of Sarah and Richard as they unwittingly introduce a small tribe of prehistoric people living in isolation for a half million years to the ultimate modern predator: humanity.


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