This is something different for this blog and is more of a public service announcement.  It has been all over the national news and the Internet including the Huffington Post that a bank robber dressed as Darth Vader robbed a local Long Island Chase bank branch in Setauket on Thursday July 22nd at 11:30am. Below are photos from surveillance cameras at the bank showing Darth Vadar in action.

Not so funny Darth Vader Robs Bank

Although everyone thought it was a gag the Darth Vader robber made it clear it wasn’t by yelling “This is not a joke!” To emphasize his point Darth Vader then proceeded to pistol whip one of the customers and terrorized the other customer by pointing his gun at their heads.  That’s not exactly joke material yet the media continues to make light of an armed robbery by yukking it up with stupid Darth Vader jokes.

What they didn’t show or care to tell you about was how this creep terrorized everyone by being a big man with a gun.  See the terrorized girl below huddling behind one of the customer counters hoping to escape the fleeing Darth Vader!  Darth Vader by the way remains free having made his getaway by bicycle!

Darth Vader Terrorizes Bank Customers

This photo wasn’t going to be released until it was realized by one of the victims how the media was making a joke of a very traumatic situation. If something had gone very wrong instead of injuries the media would have been reporting someone’s death.  There is no need to encourage copycat idiots who will see this Darth Vader fool as some sort of perverse folk hero.  If you have a tip call1-800-220-TIPS and put this Darth Vadar punk behind bars before he kills someone.