Not sure when it happened but I think the American Conservative movement has reached a new nadir with recent antics of the Tea Party, Glenn Beck, Christine “I am not a witch but I dabbled” O’Donnell and Sarah Palin. Actually, compared to the rest of this crowd Sarah is starting to look like an erudite elder statesmen. I listened to the clip from Glenn Beck and his asinine comment about how he hasn’t seen a half-monkey half-person species yet. Hell, I didn’t know he was looking. It’s a stupid off the cuff comment that just makes you shake your head. Of course he is referring to a transition species or in the vernacular, a so-called missing link. However; his entire argument just reeks of stupidity as though he never a read biology book in his life.

So I”l try to explain this in words Glenn Beck can understand. Hey moron, for your information hominids, you know chimps and gorillas, are not monkeys and their genome is particularly close to our own since they are our genetic cousins. Eight million years ago, our relatives went their way and the chimps and gorillas went their way into the jungles. Yet we remain physically close to our cousins; hell we even got freaking AIDs from them. But of course knowing this would mean studying and understanding science which Americans now seem to have an aversion to for some moronic reason.

Yes, I understand you don’t want to believe in evolution with the dozens of key fossils and DNA information we have at our disposal but Glenn has no problem with accepting the tenants of a religion such as Mormonism which includes the wearing of magic underpants. Yes, I know the Bible contains everything you need to live a righteous moral life but it also endorses slavery, polygamy and incest as well as contains two thousand year old science. How did the Conservative movement become equated with such inspired stupidity and ignorance?

What happened to the Conservative party of George Will and William F. Buckley?  I used to enjoy reading their newspaper columns since many times their opinions were often diametrically opposed to my own worldview s but they were at least challenging if not sometimes damn elegant in their arguments. They moved Conservationism away from its racist roots but then a slow downward curve began with the embrace of Reaganism. Reagan was no intellectual giant often eschewing philosophical conversation or debate for a sound bite. Now conservatism is equated with anti-intellectualism as it embraces some false egalitarianism. It’s acceleration was heightened with the Willie Horton ads and the likes of Karl Rowe stooping to the basest lowest common denominator among white voters.

Yet it’s really the American people who are to blame for the ongoing mess and they alone created the need for this neo-conservative backlash. We have become increasingly stupid while harboring misguided feelings of entitlement. We’re fight wars against terrorists with traditional armies costing trillions of dollars while we continue to move our own jobs overseas. Yet it was the American public that forced the hands of retailers and manufacturers. For the the last twenty years Americans have voted with their dollars by buying Walmart and this did not go unnoticed by Wall Street. Hell, if I can save a buck I’ll buy at Walmart, who cares if it was made with Chinese slave laborers. Who cares that the original American supplier got so squeezed by Walmart as they forced him to outsource his manufacturing to China. Screw it, I saved a buck and let’s hope it’s the other guys job that goes overseas with it.

Think again people! All of the manufacturing jobs went to China and Southeast Asia including Vietnam, what a kick in the head! So what if your good paying manufacturing job is now replaced by a crappy minimum wage position at Walmart. Don’t worry, good jobs will be created in technology and service in the next few years, right? Oops, we saved another dollar there also and moved those positions to India because you as as the American consumer didn’t want to pay American wages for technical support. So now that high paying job goes to an Indian named John when you speak to him on the phone but whose real name is more likely to be Sumesh. Oh well, that Walmart clerk job is looking damn good to you and to make up for those lost wages the wizards in Wall Street will whip a whole series of credit vehicles including exotic mortgages for you to whip up some ready cash. So what if your debt increases, you always have the rising value of your home to bail you out, right?

Ah crap, the housing market tanked as if any market was recession proof. Now you rant and rave at Obama who inherited a freaking mess from Bush and who by the way, it appears never listened to Bill Clinton. Yes, President Obama it’s the economy stupid, not health care that concerns Americans!

As to my own brand of conservatism most Tea Baggers would scuff at my conservative assertion and call me a damn liberal but not so. I am against all new taxes and having worked in the government for five years I observed how the corrupt the patronage system is for both parties, I can say you never ask the government to do anything for you; you’ll just pay double for it in sheer inefficiency! Same applies to military spending and the waste inherent with that government spending! So no government meddling and largess; that also means staying out of my bedroom. Let me believe in any god or gods or no gods for that matter that I want to believe in. And Christine O’Donnell if I want to masturbate leave me alone; at least its safe sex!

No, I don’t want a state religion including Christianity and don’t bring that crap into the classroom under the guise of intelligent design. Keep it secular! Don’t tell me who I can sleep with either; as long as they are a consenting adult it’s not the government’s business! And leave me alone regarding my choice of drugs; if i want a drink fine but don’t tell me I can’t smoke a joint because some corporation is not making a buck from my purchase. And if I want to smoke cigarettes so be it as well in my system I’ll just pay my fair share in increased health care costs to a private insurer to cover my own indiscretions. Finally, I don’t want you listening into my private life all in the name of combating terrorism. Asking the government for anything will cost you twice in money and the loss of your personal freedom. Yes, I am true conservative; I just don’t cherry pick the spots where government can meddle so just leave me alone! That’s as American as it gets!

As to Glenn Beck all I can say to that moron go read a book will ya other than the Bible.

Listen to the stupidity above and now listened to this reasoned intellectual debate between Buckley and uber-liberal Noam Chomsky about American colonialism and Vietnam. Chomksy gets the upper hand in this debate but can you imagine Sarah Palin participating in such an exchange.