Finally, I had chance at work to upgrade my old XP laptop to Windows 7 and the performance improvement was dramatic running the same software. It boots faster, the OS is more responsive and apps open faster. It looks good too but it’s easy to turn off resource hogging features. That said, I will say the key to performance is to have 3 or 4 gigs of memory.

I’ve been running Windows from 3.0 to the present and this is one of the better Microsoft releases. In order here are my favorite all time OS’s:

1. Ubuntu 10.x (try it on a old machine and you will love it!)
2. Windows 2000 – truly stable and ran everything without a fuss!
3. Windows 7 -fast, pretty and stable, as good as Windows gets.  Had a problem with an upgrade from Vista but once I went to a clean install it was a home run.
4. Windows 3.1 (After 3.0 this was actually stable and you could run multiple apps)
5. XP- eh, what can you say?

Most hated operating systems I have encountered:

1. Anything Millennium
2. Bob  -WTF?
3. Windows 3.0 – so cranky, so unstable like some old girlfriends.
4. XP – yeah, definitely a love-hate thing going on here.
5. Anything DOS – it worked but why bother?  I really wanted to multitask and I actually used WordPerfect Shell to switch between DOS apps.

I didn’t add Vista to the hate list because frankly I was okay with it. It was stable for me but it just seemed, I don’t know, tired, almost sluggish.  Years ago I tried Red Hat but I didn’t really use it for anything nor was I inspired to try.   As to Apple,  I tried an Apple II years ago right after I gave up on TRS-DOS from Radio Shack (yes Timmy The Shack had their own computer line).  It was okay but it was before the Mac so there was no multitasking for me to fall in love with.  If I had money I could have been an Apple snob but it was not to be!