Face it; we all like freebies and many Flores Girl fans feel the same way about getting the Flores Girl Trilogy for free. Unfortunately, like a lot of self-publishing authors, I have struggled with my efforts to monetize my writing efforts. I made a few dollars selling the novel on Amazon but not nearly enough to cover my costs to keep the web site going and never mind being rewarded for the time I put in writing the novel. However; having a fan base that numbers in the tens of thousands is far more important to me than the dollars so how do I reconcile the two conflicting needs?

That’s where BookIM comes in and their various advertising programs for publishers and the self-published. Flores Girl has had over 275,000 downloads to date and we expect that number to more than double with the near term arrival of the sequel “The Sacred and the Profane”. BookIM has advertising programs that allow sponsors – okay let’s call then what they really are: advertisers- to insert quality, non-offensive ads inside ebooks without offending readers and distracting from the flow of the novel. All ads are subject to the approval of the author and can support a number of ebook publishing platforms. The fans get their novel for free, the author gets some much needed revenue and the advertisers get a wide distribution among some very dedicated consumers with a product that has a long shelf-life. Plus depending on the platform the ads can interactive with hyper-links to their site so their ads can remain fresh and interactive!

The new BookIM program is called ADAAP (Advertising for Authors, Advertisers and Publishers) and is the next step to revolutionizing the self-publishing and publishing industry. It’s a program that manages the often conflicting needs of authors, advertisers and readers.  Also, if readers want their eBooks free of ads, they can always buy the ebook novel at Amazon.

If you are a Flores Girl fan let me know what you think of this proposal.  Your opinion does count. I know most of you are wondering just where is the sequel?  I completed writing the sequel this summer and I’m still editing the novel.  The delay is because I must work full-time to support my pesky family, they insist on food and shelter, so the editing has been delayed and is done as time permits. ADAAP will give self-publishing authors new opportunities to create revenue from their hard work.