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Ebu Gogo

Seems as if things are heating up in the quixotic search for the Ebu gogo.  For non-cryptozooligists the Ebu Gogo are a small dwarf people that populate the folklore of the Flores people and my novel Flores Girl: The Children God Forgot. The Ebu Gogo are the main characters in a traditional folk story told by the Nage, a people on Flores Island. As the main characters in the island legends the Ebu Gogo are described as a small, nasty people with a voracious appetite that sometimes included the devouring of the occasional human baby. The Ebu Gogo were said to walk awkwardly and could be heard to murmuring in their own language and were said to be capable of parroting human speech.  When they could tolerate the Ebu Gogo no more the Flores islanders drove the small people in the direction of the caves, perhaps near Liang Bau or perhaps they burned the survivors alive. In any case, these stories were probably told to keep truculent Flores children in line in much the same fashion as some western fairy tales are told.

Normally, I am fairly dismissive of such folklore and I quickly tire of tales regarding sasquatch and the yeti.  Show me a carcass or some bones and then I will start to believe.  However, the recent find of Homo floresiensis, the dwarf three foot prehistoric humans, that date back to 13,000 years ago add an interesting twist to a very old folk tale.  In this case we do have bones!

Apparently, I’m not the only one interested in the Ebu Gogo.  An interested third party reached out to me this weekend indicating that they were going to Flores Island in search of the Ebu Gogo. They were encouraged by conversations they had had with people claiming to know of actually video of the dwarfs.  They also wanted to know of my conversations with people in search of the Ebu Gogo.
Some scientists believe that the Ebu Gogo folk lore maybe a shared cultural memory of Homo floresiensis but there is no solid evidence to support that theory.  However, legends have the Ebu Gogo disappearing about 400 years ago at the time of the arrival of the Dutch and Portuguese explorers. Scientists working on the Homo floresiensis find have also referred to the Ebu Gogo as “Hobbits”. Needless to say followers of cryptozoology, the pseudoscience that studies legendary animals such as Bigfoot and Sasquatch, are enamored of the Ebu Gogo legend. So am I, Erik John Bertel, the author of Flores Girl. The idea that the Ebu Gogo maybe a legend dating back to a time when Homo floresiensis shared the island with modern man is challenge to all thinking people. I even have a theory as how they got to Flores Island without a land bridge in my second Novel, Flores Girl: To Hell With Heroes, which will be out Spring 2010.

3/5  Good look with that search, Adam has proposal in with National Geo
Interest in Island evolution, Interested in appearing on show, option on novel
want me to appear and option on book, forwarded copy of novel for his review

•    The novel that inspired the search for a prehistoric people
•    Discovers a new people
•    Strange doings on Flores Island
•    Strange doings with the hobbit
•    Rumors not one to spread,
I was in Manhattan for that sad day and remember my wandering about the island,
9/11 people  and how slight the structure is photo cylinder
9/11 truthers and the demolition crew the day below

On the island up to four hundred years ago.

Approached by people who are looking for the live ebu gogo
rumors to the effect that still alive, people have filmed and that in a year’s time the video is to be released.

Spoken to eyewitnesses that have seen the Ebu gogo,