It’s been a while since I posted to the Flores Girl Blog. Heck, I missed the entire Obama-Romney election cycle but voting this time around was akin to the analogy of choosing to hit the same iceberg twice or hitting a different iceberg. Or just maybe I’m just a kinder, gentler soul nowadays and then Microsoft released the mess called Windows 8.

Windows 8 is what happens when a company confuses a marketing strategy for a GUI. And the only purpose of those shiny tiles is to plant a storefront on hundreds of millions of desktops. Windows 8 is not about improving the experience for desktop users, it’s a failed hail mary pass by Redmond to become relevant within a single OS release. Frankly, the new Metro interface is such a mess it’s enough to give Melinda Gates a recurring bout of night terrors. I’ll pass and wait for Steve Balmer to say once again, “we decided that we have not succeeded and let’s stop”. And I am not an Apple troll as some of my earlier posts will attest to. Hey, for kicks and giggles I once in the darkly past installed MS Bob. The horror!

It’s not just the Metro tiles that get to me, it’s that fact that if I want to go to any of my dozens of programs I have to jump through hoops whereas it’s easy to get to the few usable craplets that MS provides. And please I don’t want to use search when before I could start an app with the appropriate document in three clicks of the mouse. Make my life easier and touch gestures on a non-touch desktop is not helping the cause. Jeez, they make it an ordeal just to shut the damn computer off (Charm menu, Gear and then shut off!).

Face it; the Windows 8 Metro interface is little more than a trojan horse to get a storefront on your desktop. I guess a lot people just like shiny, new objects and I get that it’s different; I’m just trying to understand why I would want it to be different? The desktop is definitely a second class citizen in Windows 8 and if I want a tablet interface I’ll pick up my Acer Iconia. This OS screams that is designed for consumers and not producers of content. And I’m not afraid to learn a new OS when there is something in it for me. I love Ubuntu with Gnome but I have less affinity for Unity for example. Trust me this Windows 8 release is Microsoft Bob all over again only I don’t know if Redmond recovers. Awesome fail! That’s why they are busily working on the next release.

The other thing I don’t get is the vehement defense by fanboys of this monstrosity; it’s as if they had a major position in Microsoft. I happened to like Vista and with the computer I had at the time it was well-behaved yet when others complained about Vista I recognized their right to complain about a less than optimal experience for them. To the lovers of Windows 8 I am not a hater and if it works for you then fine but don’t try to drown out the voices of those that find this OS a bloody mess! There’s a reason why Microsoft sent Sinofsky, the chief architect of Windows 8, packing and it wasn’t just because he didn’t play well with others.

In any case, I just bought a laptop as a present for my older girl and guess what it has Windows 8 installed! I’ll report back on this mess and I what I had to do to Fix Windows 8!