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This is a relaunch of the official Flores Girl web site.  Flores Girl: The Children God Forgot is my first novel and is a romantic sci-fi adventure novel about two scientists who unwittingly introduce a tribe of dwarf prehistoric people living in isolation for a million years to the ultimate modern predator: humanity. This as a rousing, humorous adventure novel with serious undertones about our very definition of humanity, and how we treat the other sentient creatures that share our small planet.  Many elements within the novel have a strong connection with the topical issues of today ranging from the Creationism movement, the environment, stem cell research and finally to the voracious appetite of our ever expanding consumer economy.  Moreover, the so-called Hobbit people described within the novel, locally known by Flores natives as the Ebu Gogo, are being searched for by scientists in Indonesia as we speak.  This story is so gripping that both “Sixty Minutes” on CBS and National Geographic ran numerous specials on the controversial Flores Island fossil find.

The Children God Forgot is the first novel in the Flores Girl Trilogy and the second novel is nearing completion! The Flores Girl Science Fiction Adventure free ebook novel Download is now 325,000 strong, so join the fun. This is the right page for your Flores Girl free ebook novel download. No gimmicks and no DRM – just click on the link for the free ebook format you want, save directly to your computer/mobile device and open with the appropriate reader. With Wattpad free ebook novel you install the reader on your smart phone and begin reading the Flores Girl free ebook adventure novel.

What about the sequel and the rest of the Flores Girl Trilogy? Well it’s several years in the making but I have finally completed the novel. Sometime this month the eBook sequel “Sacred and the Profane” will soon be on its way and available as a free download via Facebook! The book will be available free to all that participated in the novel contest and to the friends of Flores Girl. Also, I am renamed the sequel to the “The Scared and the Profane” instead of to Hell with Heroes. As part of the rewrite the novel took a different turn with Sarah and this impacts the next two novels as well. Amazing how a single act impacts the trilogy but that’s true for life as well.

Cheers From the Author of Flores Girl,
Erik John Bertel, November 24th, 2012

Erik John Bertel