Flores Girl Podcast

Great news! The good folks at Podiobooks.com are hosting the Flores Girl Podcast and the even better news is that you can download the entire podcast of the novel for free. The podcast is narrated by the author and contains an original sound score and sound effects.

So many of you are shaking your heads and are saying what the heck is a Podcast? Well, do you own an iPod or MP3 player? Podcast is derived from the words iPod and broadcasting. Typically a podcast is a narration by the author of the novel (or a hired gun) created in a MP3 format for playback on iPods, MP3 players and almost all computers or CD players manufactured during the past 5 years. It could be a novel, news commentary or comedy show, whatever. In its simplest form, it’s some bozo with a microphone and a computer. You download the file and play it back later at your own discretion. Typically with a novel you record the book chapter by chapter and release in a serialized format every week. You use a piece of software called an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeder to track the new releases for you automatically. This is a new medium and was embraced early on by such noted authors as Stephen King.