Homo Floresiensis Images

Recreation of the Ebu Gogo

There have been a lot of different reconstructions from the Flores fossils that have attempted to capture the look of these people, Homo floresiensis. From the remains, we know they had sloping foreheads, small brain cases and lacked a decent chin. Frankly, the bulk of the Homo floresiensis reconstructions are kind of scary looking and they make a number of assumptions. First, because of Flores equatorial location, the assumption is made that they were dark skin and that’s a fair guess but how dark? Almost all show the Ebu as having long hair, and assumes that prehistoric humans made no effort to decorate themselves. An entire chapter of the novel deals with that issue, but I am giving away no great secret when I you tell that I am assuming that a people capable of managing fire and the making of stone tools could also address some rudimentary levels of personal grooming. Consequently, my Flo has very short hair and is just a little less frightening than some of the other reconstructions. Also I have refrained from the popular vernacular as referring to these people as hobbits. In the novel I refer to the them as the Ebu gogo or Ebu (pronounced abu) for short.

Ebu Gogo Image
Homo floresiensis Image

Artist’s Interpretation

National Geographic, Illustration by Peter Schouten
Flores Girl: The Ebu Gogo
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Homo Floresiensis
Flo or Homo floresiensis

Yikes, pretty damn scary imagery from National Geographic’s that resembles a chimp!


Early image of Flo, a Homo floresiensis character from the Novel Flores Girl

Ebu gogo or Homo Floresiensis


Ebu gogo or Homo floresiensis

Wicked looking because of the hair!

Another Fright Night for the Ebu from the BBC!