The Sequel

The release of the long awaited sequel to the Flores Girl trilogy, “Emptiness and the Warrior” from author Erik John Bertel is do for prerelease in September 2014. Flores Girl: The Children God Forgot is the wildly successful adventure story that has been downloaded over 400,000 times as an ebook and podcast since its release. Flores Girl has achieved many prestigious accomplishments over the years including Wattpad using Flores Girl as their inaugural featured work. This is the same novel that the Discovery Channel considered for a video project regarding the hobbit find on Flores Island. Additionally, the realistic depiction of Homo floresiensis was based on the find on Flores Island and working with some of the leading anthropologists in the field to get the depictions correct.

The original science fiction adventure begins when two scientists, Sarah and Richard discover the existence of a living human ancestor, Homo floresiensis on an isolated tropical island near Flores. These small hobbit-like creatures are not the hobbits of JRR Tolkien’s stories but a small tribe of prehistoric people called the Ebu Gogo living in seeming isolation for nearly a half million years on the Indonesian island of Irmã Flores. In their unrelenting quest for knowledge, Sarah and Richard unintentionally expose these innocents to the onslaught of the modern world including corporate raiders, Indonesian pirates (sorry, no Johnny Depp types!) and religious zealots.Now the science fiction adventure continues in “Emptiness and the Warrior”…

As a typhoon bears down on Flores Island Sarah is forced to return to the states alone, broken-hearted and without Richard. For Sarah there is little time for remorse before a careless traffic accident leaves Sarah hospitalized and completely defenseless. As sinister forces learn of Sarah’s Flores discovery they plan to systematically torture her physically and mentally in an effort to learn her secrets.

Just as Sarah nears the breaking point she begins a psychic odyssey that will take her on an incredible spiritual journey as she discovers just who she is and who she is capable of becoming. From her weakness will come strength for Sarah as her adventure continues and she learns of Richard’s sad fate on Irmã Flores. A pre-release review copy is going out to fans over the next few weeks. If you don’t receive an email informing you of your participation in the beta review please send an email with your request to ebertel and title the email, “Emptiness and the Warrior Pre-Release Copy”.

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From Erik John Bertel, the Author of the Flores Girl Trilogy