Emptiness and the Warrior Orange Cover

The Sequel to Flores Girl: Emptiness and the Warrior, formerly The Sacred and the Profane is Soon to be Released! The science fiction adventure continues…

As a typhoon bears down on Flores Island Sarah is forced to return to the states alone, broken-hearted and without Richard. However; there is little time for remorse before a careless traffic accident leaves Sarah hospitalized and completely defenseless. As sinister forces learn of Sarah’s Flores discovery they plan to systematically torture her physically and mentally in an effort to learn her secrets.

Just as Sarah nears the breaking point she begins a psychic odyssey that will take her on an incredible spiritual journey as she discovers just who she is and who she is capable of becoming. From her weakness will come strength for Sarah as her adventure continues and she learns of Richard’s sad fate on Irmã Flores.

What about the sequel and the rest of the Flores Girl Trilogy? Well it’s several years in the making but I have finally completed the novel. Sometime this month the eBook sequel “Sacred and the Profane” will soon be on its way and available as a free download via Facebook! The book will be available free to all that participated in the novel contest and to the friends of Flores Girl. Also, I am renamed the sequel to Emptiness and the Warrior after toying around with “The Scared and the Profane” and to “Hell with Heroes”. As part of the rewrite the novel took a different turn with Sarah and this impacts the next two novels as well. Amazing how a single act impacts the trilogy but that’s true for life as well.

Well we are getting near the release of the sequel. Not a bad birthday week with my having wrapped up the writing of the sequel to Flores Girl and preparing to send to my editor. Expect to see the Emptiness and the Warrior by the end of April and a pre-release copy goes out to fans first!


Cheers From the Author of Flores Girl,

Erik John Bertel, March 13, 2014.



The story reminds me of a comment my Grandfather made about storytelling, and John sure is one hell of a story teller. You should always leave the listener/reader, wanting a little more. You nailed it!!!”   
Tom M.

The Flores Girl is a very well written book that captures the imagination of its reader with current events and plausible outcomes. I have already recommended this book to all my family and friends. You will find it hard to put this one down or wait for the sequel!!!”  

Very gripping adventure with Sarah and Richard on the tropical island. I am very much looking forward to reading the sequel when it comes out