Okay, I know I am going off on a tangent after my attempted China intervention but now that McCain has added another trophy wife to his ongoing collection you have to ask what the hell the choice of Sarah Palin was about. If you’re a Republican you might solider on and smirk as you comment what a great choice she was. The cynical will point out this was a blatant effort to grab the disaffected Hillary supporters and to shore up McCain’s sagging conservative credentials. The fact that she has been governor for less than two years for a state that has a smaller population than my local town doesn’t matter I guess. The fact that John McCain has only spoken to her once previously doesn’t matter either. She’s ready to go because John said so!

So how many Hillary supporters will she garner in November? Well, I don’t think the demographics work out other her being a woman. After all, she is pro-life, gun supporting, meat eating conservative, not exactly Hillary’s core constituency. She does pose a big problem for Joe Biden however. Biden gets to debate her and men usually don’t fare well in a debate with a woman. If he presses too hard the press will get on him for being a bully as Palin squeezes out a few alligator tears à la Hillary. And frankly, after watching Joe talk recently, he has lost a few miles per hour on his fastball!

So Obama has a problem. Attack Palin too hard and they will turn a lot of people off. If they don’t attack McCain gets to press his experience advantage over Obama and Obama is relegated to his 4 more years of Bush rhetorical attack.

The answer to the Obama-Palin dilemma? Hillary Clinton. If Hillary is a good trooper she can go to the attack, after of course she gives Sarah the obligatory congratulatory phone call. Being a woman, yes we are still a very sexist society if you haven’t figured that out yet, she can really open up the big guns on Sarah pointing out the glaring differences between her and Palin other than, of course, the genitals.

Will Hillary do it? I always agreed with the Lady Macbeth image of Hillary and wonder if she will remain eerily quiet during the campaign in the hope that somehow McCain wins and proves to be another failed extension of the Bush legacy. That way in 2012, at a ripe age of 65, she can return to her party as their savior after Obama fever has died and been given the appropriate postmortem.

In case you think I’m a Obama supporter, well think again. I was enthusiastic back of McCain in 2000 and I feel the country has suffered deeply by going with the idiot Bush. Why? Because McCain was the only politician I know of in modern times that mentioned the root of all government evil and that is political patronage. In 2008 I barely recognize the guy and his selection of Palin leaves me speechless. I had hoped for Romney. Why? Because he could lead the country just like Biden could if events should require. Sure, Romney is a boring white bread suit but there is certain value to a known quantity and he really got a bad rap from the Bible thumpers because he was…yikes a Mormon!

What’s Palin? Even a bigger unknown than Obama. This should get interesting as the harsh glare of the media shines upon her and her first dude husband. Anyway, Hillary can put this all to rest with several sharp comments about Palin, you know along the lines of the famous comment about Dan Quayle from Bentsen that went “Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy”

“Governor Palin, you’re no Hillary Clinton!”

Will Hillary say this?

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