Sarah Alone

Rave reviews from the readers about Flores Girl: The Children God Forgot, which is now a Featured eBook at Wattpad!

From Rachelle: “I just read your Flores Girl eBook and I really loved the story very much. I just want to ask when you will release its sequel?”

From Dustin: “I really enjoyed reading your book and cant wait till the sequel is finished.”

From Freelancer79:  The Flores Girl is a very well written book that captures the imagination of its reader with current events and plausible outcomes. I have already recommended this book to all my family and friends. You will find it hard to put this one down or wait for the sequel!!!

From Leanne: I absolutely loved your novel and finished in a day and am now stuck with an emptiness within myself as I wonder when the sequel will be out?

From Rich: Very gripping adventure with Sarah and Richard on the tropical island. I am very much looking forward to reading the sequel when it comes out!

From Nidhi:  An amazing Book , Real Addictive & Wonderfully written!!   Absolute Masterpiece !!! Waiting anxiously for the sequel.. Keep the good work going!! Kudos..

From Arkie51: Really great free Ebook, can’t wait for the sequel!

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