Now with Hillary’s confirmation as Secretary of State it won’t be long before Governor Paterson makes his selection for Hillary’s vacated Senate seat. The good new is that Caroline Kennedy is ready to step in. Caroline Kennedy? Isn’t she a recluse like Howard Hughes or something like that? Sure sounds like she is the way she handled her press conference. Well after giving Sarah Palin hell about her Vice Presidential bid I couldn’t give Caroline a pass. After all, if Palin is lighter than a feather what is Caroline? Helium?

Frankly, Caroline’s credentials are truly lacking even for a school board nomination. Consider, she hasn’t held a public office before plus she has never bothered to run before. To make matters worse she hasn’t bothered to vote either. When reminded of her abysmal voting record she thanked the reporter for bringing the matter to her attention. What the hell? Okay, so she got a little Obama fever and lobbied Teddy for him but is that truly a public service? Sound more like she came out of a coma. Bizarre, I think I am more qualified for the Senate seat. Of course, she promised to work really, really hard but hey you can get any 10th grader to say that to their parental units when questioned about a poor grade. I know standards are lacking nowadays in public office but this borders on the ridiculous.

So how can Caroline Kennedy think she has a right to Hillary’s Senate seat? One word: privilege. She’s a Kennedy and we owe it to her; so goes her logic. Because when you are privileged the world does owe you. It’s like getting 8% return year after year. The rest of the hoi polloi may have to ride the uncertainties of the stock market but when you are privileged you get access to the Bernie Madoff’s of the world. Of course, in the real world with that type of thinking comes risk as Bernie takes the privileged to the bank to the tune of $50 billion dollars.

And just as an aside how does that dirt bag get to stay out of jail? I guarantee you if I pass a bad check for $10 my ass is in jail within five minutes as is anyone else. Except, of course for the privileged. Bernie’s privileged. Even that moron judge that ruled Bernie could stay out on bail used the privilege logic. He argued as long Bernie wasn’t a flight risk or posed a threat to society or to himself (like anybody care’s what happens to that dirt bag) Bernie could remain on bail. Hey moron, how about keeping Bernie in jail so that he doesn’t steal anymore? Novel idea, huh?

So Governor Paterson do us all a favor and give the Senate seat to Andrew Cuomo. I mean I think he’s at least voted before and you can send a much needed message to the the privileged. Maybe then they won’t be so easily taken by the Bernie’s of the world. On second thought nominate me, nobody can stand Andrew either.

Final Note: Unbeknown to me as I was writing this blog last night word was being leaked to the press that Caroline was withdrawing her name. Thus I can take neither credit nor blame for her withdraw but some were already giving Caroline an out, as the privileged deserve, saying she was doing so out of concern for Teddy’s health. Others, not so kindly, suggest that she was informed of a change of heart by Governor Paterson possibly over concerns in her background check. Whatever, even with her withdrawal rest assured advocates for the cult personality will continue continue their unwavering support for the likes of Obama, Reagan, any Kennedy and Steve Jobs.