Just when you think the extremists in the NRA have hit an new nadir with their past support for armor piercing bullets and automatic assault weapons they begin a even more preposterous stance by support guns for terrorists. You heard right. The NRA has decided that our terrorists threat lists are not sufficient grounds for stopping somebody from buying weapons or explosives. Over the past over 90% of people on the terrorist list have been able to purchase these goodies not because the list didn’t identify them as terrorists but because there is no law stopping them from doing so. Seems the NRA is concerned that the terrorists rights maybe crushed by the heavy hand of the US government and that the list is faulty. Hello, the NRA is probably right about the legitimacy of the list but then fix the damn list.

July 22nd NRA Update:
The latest affront to common sense was a concealed-gun bill that was just narrowly defeated in the Senate. The amendment would allow licensed gun owners in one state to be able to bring those concealed weapons into states with more stringent gun laws. The argument was that a car license in one state is applicable in another and they argue criminals don’t bother with gun licensing. Not true of course since lots of murders are committed by licensed gun owners but the NRA likes to perpetuate lies such as an armed, law abiding populace is a deterrent to criminals. Kind of flies in the face of the fact that nearly every national police force in this country was against these new gun loosening measures and the fact that if you have a gun in your household you are 20 times more likely to die from gun violence. Nothing like being held hostage by a powerful lobby but as the recent arrests in Jersey of some forty-plus local politicians for bribery can attest, all politicians are for sale and usually at bargain prices! Of course, most Americans are more concerned about the latest Erin Andrews video than they are about gun control.