Okay, I surrender, I give up! I admit to taking… wait a minute why am I feeling guilty?  Isn’t it amusing that the FTC is going after bloggers with $11,000 fines for testimonial advertisements and undisclosed freebies when you consider the sheer volume of misinformation and outright fraud that bombards the air waves of both radio and television never mind the Internet. Let us count the ways the FTC looks the other way when it comes to these numerous assaults to your common sense and wallet:

  • Self-help financial gurus and their craptacular seminars
  • Credit Reconstruction Services that put you into even bigger hole
  • Mortgage Refi Services by the same crooks that got us into this mess in the first place
  • Outright Ponzi schemes –  didn’t Bernie Madoff advertise his services?
  • Diet ads or supplements of more than dubious value
  • Baldness cures-  yikes!
  • Male Virility ads for supplements that are not Viagra or Levitra – enuf said buy the good stuff will you!
  • Exorbitant Shipping and handling charges on so called free merchandise
  • $19.95 doodads – just what the hell is a doodad?- that well, suck! Hey where did I put my Snuggy?
  • All sports drinks – hey people it’s mostly water with a disgusting taste and a nauseating color

Why does the FTC look the other way at these media charlatans  while its feels a pressing need to address unethical bloggers?  Because these crooks pay big ad dollars to the corporate media machine to peddle their crap but bloggers, well we kinda of live off the land!  Blogger are basically ma and pa shops with no big bucks and no special interests and hence no big campaign dollars to line the politicos pockets. Okay, I got my novel to sell and the bozo author owes me!  Anyway share with me your favorite worthless product or service that you see on the airwaves or is that cable?


Erik John Bertel