A recent article by Nicholas Carr for CNN indicated his support for Obama’s concerns that American are spending too much time on the Internet, in fact we average 8 hours day surfing the net. It was another tired variation on Carter’s malaise speech. He then points to some ill conceived and poorly designed studies that indicate the Internet is often a distraction to the task at hand. Really? Wow and how many tax payer dollars went to fund those trite observations?

Jeez for the last 90 years pundits have been spinning cautionary tales about new media ranging from negative observations on magazines, radio and just recently to television. Really, are we surprised that when people get tired of looking at porn they go to YouTube or their friend’s Facebook page.  Let’s face if they weren’t on the Internet most people would be watching the WWF and Dancing to the B Celebrities before they would turn on a Bill Moyer’s special, or wait he retired didn’t he?And we all know how empowering television has been as we watch the latest BP commercials.

Face it, people love to waste time, and for some bizarre reason despite evidence to the contrary, we all think we have plenty of it.  So the media is not the problem no matter what the technophobic Obama may think.   People will always want to be doing something no matter what the media maybe. The Internet is just the latest time waster in a long line of time waster’s pretty.