I can’t believe I am writing about this again but somebody has to stop the madness.  John Dvorak, the old curmudgeon himself, decided to write an article not on the iPad but on the fantards that droll over themselves in singing their praise for the iPad and the crappy apps you can get for it.  You know the same kind of fantard who stand on line for the new iPhone 4 for hours on end and then suffer through the miserable AT&T service for two years just so they can use their iPhone. When nobody is looking these very same neo-techno nerds fondle their iPhones while cooing “my precious” to it.

Needless to say the Mac fantards were in full attack mode regarding Dvorak with most of their diatribes calling him an old  fossil who doesn’t get it.  Really?  But you know sometimes the fossil does get it right and sometimes the technology is just some bright and shiny plaything for the natives!

Not that the iPad is a bad piece of technology.  I did get a chance to play with one and if the cost were closer to let’s say $199 I’d buy one in a heartbeat.   However, at $499 I can secure a decent, much more serviceable laptop with a bigger screen.   I can easily forgo a touch screen as well since I’m a keyboard and mouse type.  And this goes to my central observation about the iPad, it’s for consumers rather than producers of the Internet.  For example, just try touch typing on one! You can’t.  Or trying installing an application not from the iStore or whatever the hell they call it.   However, to read a book or surf the net it’s great with some gorgeous eye candy.  To me it’s the greatest eBook reader ever made but not the greatest thing since the PC despite what the Mac fantards woud lead you to believe.