Great news! One of my goals was to up the download rate for Flores Girl:The Children God Forgot from a relatively sleepy 100 downloads a month to a 1000 downloads a month and the good news we are fast approaching that goal! For the Flores Girl podcast that 4000 downloads per month has been held steady for the past two years and we are rapidly approaching a 150,000 downloads. For those who haven’t read the novel Flores Girl is a science fiction adventure story about two scientists, Sarah and Richard, who unwittingly introduce a small tribe of prehistoric people living in isolation for a million years to the ultimate modern predator: humanity. This is their adventure, combining a clash of cultures, religious ardor with the oldest stories of all: the meaning of friendship and true love. This is the first of a trilogy of Flores Girl novels!

My next goal is far more ambitious for the free ebook: 10,000 downloads a month from site! I better get some larger servers if I continue to pursue my goal of being one the better known self-published fiction writers!

I want to thank everyone who has downloaded the novel and I promise you that the sequel, The Scared and Profane, will not disappoint as Sarah learns the truth about her past and Richard’s fate! And for those of you who have emailed me I have not forgotten your free copy of the sequel!


Erik John Bertel