It’s funny, I am member of a marketing group and we had somebody invade our cozy little forum with one of those too good to be true offers. It’s for a new Internet Marketing program called Top Level, It’s here on YouTube at A review of the site reveals very little real product information in a flashy presentation but instead proclaims the importance of securing your spot ahead of the others. You’re not sure what you are selling but it sure is important to secure your spot ahead of the others so you can profit on their efforts.

I don’t know about you but can we say pyramid or Ponzi scheme shrouded in an unctuous mixture of Web2.0 hype and slimy direct marketing? Not familiar with a Ponzi scheme? Perhaps you lost money with Bernie Madoff in the past? In any case, any new revolutionary marketing scheme that doesn’t state what the hell product they are selling smells of instant trouble. Plus they proactively addressed the scam charge by putting their own bogus threads purporting to address “Is Top Level a scam”? Of course not or so says their threads and propaganda. My built-in @*!# detector smells a most unsavory pile of, eh marketing, being served up to a gullible public still reeling from the recession and who are looking for a quick way to make a few bucks. Yes, there is a sucker born on the Internet every second. Oh and as to the thread in the forum? The mod quickly deleted the thread. Thanks for playing and for your parting gift you now have a nice little charge on your Visa card.


Like most MLMs (Multi-Level Marketing) schemes Top Level Position appears  to have garnered interest from IM newbies but the buzz appears to be down significantly.  Too bad because any MLM success is based  on product sales and recruiting new members which is why MLMs are often accused of being Pnozi schemes.  Without growth the pyramid begins to collapse and the cash flow stops.  Oh the product offering?  A series of health and wellness products of unknown origin and value. Beware when any company, particularly an Iternet company,  spends more time selling the virtues of its marketing scheme rather than the actual product, but you knew that already, right?  – EJB