I remember my college genetics teacher talking about creationism being a very plausible explanation for some but he lamented that there’s just very little you can do with it.  I have been following the Sensuous Curmudgeon and his daily expose regarding the stupid antics of the creationist and YEC movement. Their idiocy is unfathomable and that includes their embrace by brained conservative Republicans who just can’t pass up the opportunity to pander to the god yokels. What the cretins are forgetting is that creationism is the equivalent of intellectual castration with some very insidious side effects.

For the historically challenged I bring to your attention the efforts of Communist Russia and Trofim Denisovich Lysenk’s program of Lamarckian communist genes which resulted in setting back the development of Russian agriculture by decades. Net result of this failed, wistful discredited science: years of failing crops and mass starvation that caused the deaths of countless peasants while hastening the end of Communist Russia.  Mind you, that’s all from bad science. So while you think there is no harm in bastardizing your child’s education by adding creationism to the science curriculum; in fact, there are realpolitik consequences to ignorance and honestly none of them are good for the United States.  I point east to both India and China, you know the countries where most of the Tea Party members lost their jobs due to outsourcing! Yeah, keep going after the unions; another divisive and diversionary tactic by the Republicans that will continue to add to our demise.

On the brighter side, what also comes to mind is paleontologist Jack Horner and his book How to Build a Dinosaur. In the book, Horner outlines the process of how to convert a chicken, basically your everyday dinosaur cousin into a real dinosaur by tinkering with their genes. Because deep in their genes are are some hidden dinosaur treasures. This process seems far more like to happen than the Jurassic fictional methodology of reconstructing the fragmented genome from dinosaur fossils. And this will happen sooner rather than later as scientists have already added dinosaur teeth to hapless Dino-chicken embryos.  Get rid of the feathers for scales, grow tail and convert the wings into arms and you got yourself your basic scraggly dinosaur-chicken.  A Dino-chicken named “Chino” will also make its appearance in the sequel to Flores Girl: The Scared and the Profane; sure to be an even bigger hit than the original “Flores Girl: The Children God Forgot” free ebook novel with over 250,000 downloads to date.

I know, you shouldn’t fool with mother nature, right? Damn Jurassic Park, I find myself am rooting for the arrival of a Dino-chicken and hopefully soon. With a little luck the newly created Dino-chickens will have an enormous pituitary problem, grow larger than an ostrich and have a hankering for creationist’s flesh.  I can see them gorging themselves on hapless creationists who sit idly by denying their existence!  Well, I can dream can’t I?

Cruel and small of me, huh? Not really, after all, aren’t all of the creationists convinced that we Darwinians are doing the devil’s works only to be condemned and to rot in hell for all of eternity? Fair is fair and a Dino-chicken chowing down on the creationist gang at Creation Museum is too good a B-Movie opportunity to pass up!  Calling Robert Rodriguez!