Yes, it’s been a bad week week for fundamentalist religious cults and I’m not just talking about al-Qaeda. As bad as it was for al-Qaeda it’s been a devastating two weeks for the tea party members or what I call the Republican birthers. First, Obama releases his birth certificate and he trumps that performance, sorry Donald, by writing Osama Bin Laden’s death certificate. Talk about being ballsy! Tea party members were having enough problems sustaining momentum from the recent budget clash with the President but this news was devastating to their fundamentalist cause.

Then Obama threw the tea party members a bone by not releasing Osama’s death photo and it instantly gave rise to a nascent deather movement that insisted the administration was perpetuating yet another fraud on a gullible American public. Hell, they had to get something right, right? The Internet was alive with all sorts of chatter even more so than the al-Qaeda sycophants. It finally hit a crescendo when the queen bee of tea baggers, Sarah Palin, twittered that Obama so just stop “pussy footing around” and release the damn photo. Good times, huh? But alas, that movement was also to be short-lived because al-Qaeda soon acknowledged that in deed their spiritual leader Osama was no more, a victim of American resolve and presumed to be chum for the denizens of the ocean bottom.

So what’s a poor birther to do? No birth certificate and then Obama takes out public enemy number one all in the span of a couple of weeks. The only ones more despondent than the birthers has to be that motley collection of Republican presidential nominees left with no agenda other than the budget. But have no fear birthers and I take you back to a simpler time almost twenty years ago and to the wise words of a lone deranged muppet named James Carville who cried in the political wilderness:

“It’s the economy, stupid!”