I have only been a casual follower of the trial of this repugnant mother and this commentary is more about the ardent followers of this, now unsolved, murder trial.  As a parent I find these stories of abuse and the murder of innocent children by a parent to be particularly disturbing and would just as soon not hear the details of how a defenseless child was left to suffer.  Yet others, most of them women by the way, are drawn to this trial as if they were in the grip of some timeless morality tale.

Why would seemingly normal women, including a number of them in my own inner circle, be so riveted by this tale?  Obviously, the aberrant behavior of this mother from hell has them wondering as to the true motivations of Casey Anthony.   Clearly, they must be wondering how a woman could go so wrong since motherhood is so primal and strong for most women?

I wondered too and then it dawned on me that up to now this really has been a feel good story disguised as a senseless murder.  How does the death of an innocent 3 year old qualify as a feel good story? Well, in two ways.  First, for almost all outside observers there is the seeming satisfaction of knowing that no matter how hopelessly screwed up your own family circumstances may be and that includes possible economic hardship and your own personal family tragedies, all of this and I do mean all, pales in comparison to the murder of a three year old by this sociopath that masqueraded as a young mother.

The other feel good part of the story was the seeming belief by most trial followers that this mother from hell, Casey Anthony, would indeed be dealt her due justice and would spend some considerable time in prison while possibly facing the actual prospect of her own execution. In other words, this story was to be confirmation that the system works, that righteous gods are in control of our destinies, good triumphs over evil and that karma in the universe is instantaneous!  Yes, vengeance and retribution is sweet. Unfortunately, the vicarious thrill of a just punishment was not to be due to the curious behavior of a jury panel that needed more than just overwhelming circumstantial evidence, presumably a video of Casey Anthony actually killing little Caylee!

Have I decided in my own opinion that Casey Anthony is guilty?  Of course I have, there is no other rational explanations as to Casey Anthony’s behavior during the 31 day disappearance of Caylee Anthony which included numerous lies and tall tales to the police and other bizarre non-motherly behavior including a stint in a local hot body contest.   How could you be dismissive of this chain of events with just ten hours of jury deliberations is beyond me but my opinion like yours is not necessarily relevant at this point and Casey Anthony is now found innocent of this horrific crime.

So the feel good aspect of this tragic little morality play has disappeared only to be replaced by the cold, somber realization that the universe is often indifferent not to just our plight but to the needs of the most innocent among us.  Many are upset that Casey Anthony now stands to profit big time with a million dollar book deal; however, to me the biggest horror to this story is that this creature could find some other soulless slime to procreate with and bring into the world another innocent to be tortured by this perverse mother and a seemingly indifferent judicial system.  The best thing that can happen from this tragedy is for you to love your own child just a little more. I’m sorry but that’s all I got.