Flores Girl Podcast

Is the podcasting exercise worth it? I don’t know, talk to me five years from now. As of the moment, I am still too close to it and all I am concerned about is the marketing of the podcast.  Plus, I have to go back listen and perhaps edit the podcasts once again to clean up the sound and some of my mistakes. You can insert the sound of me cringing here.  I need new cover art and the web site is need of a dire make over.  It was cobbled together in a piecemeal fashion and frankly it looks like a bad high school product. And I still need a good editor to go over the first novel.

Still podcasting beats getting an endless chain of rejection letters from agents and publishers as your work gets ignored in the ubiquitous slush pile.  With podcasting, you actually feel like you are out there connecting with the public. So far with minimal marketing on my part, my podcast has actual reached hundreds of listeners. That’s more than 99% of all self-published books.    And it is a kick when people express their appreciation of your work even if you aren’t getting paid.  So the bottom-line is I rather be spending my energies on winning over readers and listeners rather than trying to convince agent and publishers to give me a shot.  Because in the end you still have to win over the readers and listeners to be successful otherwise the agent and publishers aren’t going to stay interested in you for very long anyway.

Oh, I forgot one other minor issue that came out of left field.  You will get called a scab as a podcaster.  What the !$&#?  Yeah, it seems that some of the writing union members don’t like you giving the material away.  My initial response is to have them engage my Irish arse in a verbal discourse but I am getting way off topic. Like I said talk to me in five years and I’ll give you a less jaundiced view of the exercise.